Inception report

The eunivation team has submitted the Inception report for the project. This report finalises the research tools that will be applied during the literature review and the analysis phases of the project.

Currently, the project team has started off Phase 2 which includes a comprehensive literature review, the identification of gaps and inadequacies of the current theories and metrics applied for estimating the contribution of Higher Education Institutions to innovation capacity, as well as the definition of a prototype set of indicators. Phase 2 will result in the preparation of the Interim report of the study.

The project will be concluded with Phase 3 and the carrying out of all activities related to the implementation of the prototype set of indicators, the feasibility study and the provision of policy-relevant recommendations. This will include the validation of the proposed prototype set of indicators through a series of EU-wide interviews, case studies and survey targeting different stakeholders active in the field of innovation impacts of higher education.